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Salem High


A circle of witches, known as the Keepers of the Earth; led by Connor Byrne, a normalcy craving teenager, must fight to protect the Earth and its magical vortex gateway from being taken over by the dark ones; demons who will do everything to corrupt the keepers and make the planet their dominion once again. Connor and his new circle, the four elements of the pentacle, use their powers to push back the evil while still finding time to go to Friday night’s football game. 

Casting for the high school (ages older 16 to 22) background for April 27 and 28. Filming in Concord, NC. Contact for more intormation. 

Current Projects

Music Videos


One Big Love's new single "Cherie Berry"



Youth mission work in Saint Helena Island, SC for descendants of the Gullah slaves to improve their housing

Star Trek Fan Fiction


Filming at The Neutral Zone Studio n Kingsland, GA on the USS Nightingale, Constitution Class

The Ishvalan War


A full-length feature prequel to "Full Metal Alchemist"

Project Outpour


A full length docudrama focusing on showers for the homeless filming in NC, TX, and CA

Coming soon in virtual reality