Now Casting


USS Nightingale - Star Trek Fan Fiction Series


Casting for the following roles: 

Captain Daniel Ramsey - Human male

16 Klingons including a female leader

Array of villagers (Charlotte location only)

Will be filming one weekend this summer in the Charlotte area and then weekend of November 9th in

Kingsland, GA at The Neutral Zone (10,000 sq. ft. studio with a working replica of the Enterprise).

Send headshot, resume to IMDb credit, uniform, screen credit and reels will be provided. 

Current Projects

"Clear the Smoke" Music Video


Better Class of Losers' "Clear the Smoke"  written by Emory Altman of the Hickabillies. The Hickabillies opened for Hootie and the Blowfish and The Charlie Daniels Band. They were asked to open for Lynyrd Skynyrd as well. "Clear the Smoke" is a dedication to those affected by PTSD.

Rose Is Not a Flower


SAG Feature Film 

A faith-based comedy about an image-conscious car salesman who does a good deed for a homeless woman only to find his picture-perfect world upside down when she forces her way into his life. 

"If You Can, You Should" Music Video


It's all about true love in this new music video from One Big Love. 

The Ishvalan War


A web series prequel to "Full Metal Alchemist"

Project Outpour


A full length docudrama focusing on homelessness and one woman's incredible journey to bring mobile showers to the homeless population in Charlotte, NC.

Dog Eat Dog


A struggling single mother plans for her child to enroll into a prestigious preschool until she encounters a pompous principal with other ideas.